What Is Foundations?

Foundations is a series of classes, each of which dive deeper into a topic on Christian life. Whether you are just getting started in your walk with Jesus, or looking for something a little deeper, we have something for you!

Check out what is available below and sign up today. We will be adding more classes soon!

Available Classes

New Believers

Whether you have just made a first-time decision to follow Jesus, or are a long-time Christian just wanting a fresh start, our New Believers Foundations Class at Life Point Church is a great place begin!

The New Believers Foundation Class is a study of the fundamental Bible ideas, also touching on practical issues for a new Christian or anyone desiring to study basic Bible principles.

Holy Spirit

If you have ever wanted to go deeper in your faith and understanding of the Holy Spirit, this class is for you.

The Holy Spirit is God. Therefore, to study the person and works of the Holy Spirit is a great opportunity to know God in a better way. Nothing is more valuable, transforming, or life-giving than the knowledge of God