What Is Foundations?

Foundations is a series of classes, each of which dive deeper into a topic on Christian life. Whether you are just getting started in your walk with Jesus, or looking for something a little deeper, we have something for you!

Check out what is available below and sign up today. We will be adding more classes soon!

Next Available Classes

Fresh Start

Sunday’s @ 10am beginning October 8th

Pete Engle, Teacher
This teaching series is designed to give new and seasoned believers an opportunity to build up the foundation of their faith, and provide an encouraging space to talk about who God is and what having a relationship with Jesus means for your life.


Wednesday’s @ 7pm beginning October 11th

Nate Ferris, Teacher
“Philippians” will be a four week deep dive into Paul’s Epistle to the Church of Philippi. Week one will be Chapter one, Week two will be Chapter two, and so on. We will study and explore the original audience, the daily application this Book can provide for us as believers and Paul’s challenges and invitations to us all.


Sunday’s @ 10am beginning October 22nd

Matt Miller, Teacher
How do you know Christianity is true? Is your faith based on actual evidence or just blind feelings? This is Apologetics – Sound answers to defend your faith. We’re called to have an answer to anyone who asks the reason for our hope, not blind faith. Gird yourself and deepen your faith with answers to the questions you and others have.